Deslogetown Brewery

"BEER are like children, we love them all, just in different ways"



‚ÄčOpen FRIDAY 4pm-7pm, SATURDAY 1pm-7pm, and SUNDAY 1pm-7pm
1669 Pine Ridge Trail, off Highway 32, between Park Hills and Bismarck

Founded by Greg and Kristie Camp, Deslogetown Brewery started in 2009 as a simple homebrewing hobby in a basement on the west side of Desloge, Missouri.  Back in the area's formative years as a lead mining boomtown, Deslogetown referred to the company town that formed around the Desloge Consolidated Lead Mining Company.  While the lead mines are just a part of our area's history, the spirit of creating something with your own hands and hard work lives on.

So what happens when a couple of homebrewers get together with an accomplished vineyard and winery? The Ale House at St. Francois Winery! Thanks to Edward "Skip" Daugherty, owner/operator of St. Francois Winery, the dream of not just bringing local, handcrafted wines to the public, but local, handcrafted beer as well is a reality.

Today, the Deslogetown Brewery seeks to provide approachable craft brews without all the fuss - instead we hope to expand your beer palate with a beer that you will find delicious and refreshing.