Deslogetown Brewery


‚ÄčOpen FRIDAY 4pm-7pm, SATURDAY 1pm-7pm, and SUNDAY 1pm-7pm
1669 Pine Ridge Trail, off Highway 32, between Park Hills and Bismarck


Many people know of the big changes going on with Greg & Kristie (Brewer & partners in Deslogetown Brewery, LLC) - for those who don't & to try and answer the question, "What about the brewery?" here's the latest;

Greg started his new job as City Administrator for Festus, Missouri (after 10 years in the same position with the City of Desloge, Missouri) - one of the requirements of this is that we must live within 20 miles of Festus City Hall - we have located a new home in Jefferson County and will be closing on the same in early June. Needless to say we are going to be very busy over the next few months.

Because of the new demands on our time - both professionally and personally - we will need to scale back the brewery's involvement in events outside of the brewery/winery. We do this with the intent of keeping the taps flowing in Deslogetown. We have made many great friends in the last 2+ years and it is our hope that we can continue this dream of bringing our beers to you and your friends.

So - to answer the question, "What about the brewery?" - we're still here and we hope to continue to be here for as long as we can. Thank you.

Greg & Kristie